Kendall Travel Expert

Meet Kendall, our Travel Expert

Hi there, I am Kendall, your travel expert for Europe, Africa and South East Asia

I was born and raised in sunny South Africa and then moved to Europe straight after University. The juxtopasition of climates really got me thinking and the travel bug hit immediately. I wanted to explore the world and spent years saving and travelling and the novelty still hasn’t worn off.

I will be your travel expert for Africa, Europe and South East Asia. I specialize in the areas of Southern Africa, especially our Luxury Safari and Cape Town tour and the Cape Town and Namibia Tour. I spend my most my time between Italy and Africa and also organise and run the tours in Italy. 

I will also be part of and run some of our active holidays including the Puglia Bike Tour. I am here to help you have the perfect holiday and can answer any questions you may have. Please email me on with your requests. 

I have been running and organising tours since 2014 and am passionate about travel. As a travel expert I like to show people things they would not see on an ordinary vacation. I like to avoid the tourist traps and give people a real authentic experience. Living like a local, with the luxuries of course! Don’t take an ordinary journey, Journey Amazing!